Believe in Yourself

"Vision Board & Goal Setting"


Saturday, November 10, 2018



Forest Hill Civic & Convention Center

6901 Wichita St

Forest Hill, TX 76140



9am – 3pm

Lunch Provided



Workshop - $49

Current Special - $25

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- Getting your mind right

- How to get out of your rut

- How to change your habits

- Preparing for success

- Vision Board & Goal Setting for 2019


Deep Laxmi

CEO, Self Image Academy

Deep Laxmi is a Self-image Mentor & Speaker helping people boost productivity, performance, and profit by setting big worthy goals, changing their self-image, turning old habits into new lifelong successful habits for an abundant and intentional purpose driven life. Her Coaching and Teaching is based on the science of self-image: Our self-image and our habits are interlocked together. Change one and you will automatically change the other. We cannot outperform our own self-image, so to bring out the desired change in our lives; we must challenge the conviction of what we believe about our self.

Deep has studied the science of self-image for over 25 years and believes in getting better with each day. She is a Certified Leadership Coach and has trained and coached number of clients including teens to achieve better self-image, attitude, career selections, performance, and growth. Deep holds three Master Degrees; MBA from St. Joseph University, MS from Georgia State Univ. and MS from Agra University besides dozens of professional certificates.

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